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Korean brand recommended by doctors Welcome to our online store, where we proudly present Atopalm, a Korean brand specializing in products for the care and protection of sensitive and atopic skin. We invite you to explore unique range of products that are specifically designed for people with skin problems such as sensitivity, dryness, and atopic dermatitis. Atopalm has gained recognition and recommendations from medical professionals due to its effective solutions and gentle formulas. The process of buying Atopalm cosmetics in bulk If you represent a company interested in wholesale purchase Atopalm products, we offer a streamlined and convenient purchasing process. Our advanced online platform makes it easy to create and place orders, saving you valuable time and effort. To take advantage of our favorable wholesale terms, including Wholesale Atopalm pricing, please note that the minimum order amount is €500. Fast order processing is guaranteed as we prioritize efficient order processing and fast delivery. Our dedicated team makes every effort to have your order prepared and shipped within 72 hours of its confirmation, ensuring you receive your Atopalm products quickly and without delay. Distributor Atopalm - delivery throughout Europe We are proud of our extensive shipping capabilities, which are not limited to the European Union. Atopalm products are available for delivery throughout Europe, including more distant countries. Our goal is to provide flexibility and convenience in delivery options for our customers. Exclusively for registered companies Please note that our wholesale purchasing options are exclusively available to registered companies. As a supplier of Atopalm products, we require companies interested in wholesale orders to have an active account on our website. This ensures that our products are delivered to professional buyers who understand and appreciate the exceptional value of Atopalm skin care solutions.