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Welcome to Illiyoon, the trusted brand for gentle and nourishing skincare. High-quality products are formulated to hydrate, soothe, and revitalize your skin. With a focus on gentle formulations and quality ingredients, Illiyoon offers effective solutions suitable for all skin types. Experience the transformative benefits of range and embrace healthy, radiant skin.

Illiyoon: sensitive skin care with ceramides Decades of research into sensitive skin care. Introducing Illiyoon, a renowned Korean brand focused on providing exceptional products for sensitive skin care. With 40 years of dedicated research, the brand has become one of the most respected in Korea. Illiyoon relies on ceramides in its cosmetics to effectively nurture and nourish delicate skin, especially rebuilding its hydrolipidic barrier. Illiyoon's commitment to caring for sensitive skin is based on harnessing the remarkable benefits of ceramides. These natural lipids are an essential part of the skin's barrier, promoting hydration, preventing moisture loss and restoring the skin's natural balance. By incorporating ceramides into our formulas, we provide gentle but effective skin care solutions for even the most delicate skin. Cosibella: A trusted Illiyoon wholesale supplier and distributor We offer delivery services throughout Europe, not only in the European Union countries, including more remote countries. Our goal is to make our high-quality skin care products available to everyone, regardless of location. Our minimum order is €500, allowing you to choose our unique products to meet your customers' needs. Efficiency is our top priority. Once a wholesale order is received, our dedicated team ensures that it is processed quickly and shipped within 72 hours. We understand the importance of timely delivery to meet your customers' needs quickly. Exclusive for Registered Companies Wholesale purchasing options are available exclusively to registered companies. While an active VIES number is not mandatory, we require all registered companies to have an account on our website. This ensures a secure and efficient purchasing process for professional buyers who appreciate the value of our skincare solutions.