Where is Cosibella’s warehouse located?

We ship all our packages from Warsaw, Poland (EU)

What is the MOQ / MOA?

MOA is 500 Euro

Do you have free shipping?

No, the shipping cost is always on the buyer’s side.

When can I buy with 0 VAT and when with VAT?

If you have active VIES (EU VAT number) or you are from outside the EU, then you can pay 0 VAT, and if you are from the EU and do not have VIES, then we add VAT amount.

What is the delivery time?

Max 72 hours after receiving payment on our bank account. (working days from Monday to Friday).

What is the currier company used by Cosibella?

We send the packages by UPS. .

Can I provide my courier?

Yes. We are open to such a solution. In this case, please send your courier shipping label by e-mail.

Does Cosibella provide product samples?

It depends on the brand. Very often we support our partners with samples and free products.

How can I be sure that the products you offer are genuine?

We cooperate only with producers and certified suppliers. The quality of the products we put on the market is important to us, we want our customers to have the best quality of these and be able to come back to us for well-selected, high-quality cosmetics.

Can the products we offer be sold in the EU? Do they have certificates?

Yes, all the products we market can be sold in the EU.

Is it possible to return the goods?

Each contractor has the right to return the goods within 2 weeks, but this happens very rarely. In such a situation, please contact your contact person at Cosibella, so that we can resolve the situation.