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Unleashia is an innovative Korean skincare brand that empowers you to unleash your skin's true beauty. With a focus on quality and effectiveness, Unleashia offers a range of skincare products that are meticulously formulated to address various skin concerns. From revitalizing serums to soothing masks, each product is crafted with a unique blend of natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology to deliver visible and transformative results. Discover the exceptional efficacy of Unleashia's skincare products and embrace a new level of confidence as your skin radiates with natural beauty.

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Unleashia: Korean Vegan Cosmetics for Wholesale Purchase Unleashia is a Korean manufacturer of vegan makeup products that are designed to help you express your unique beauty. What sets Unleashia apart is collection of dazzling glitters, guaranteeing an incredible multidimensional shine that elevates even everyday makeup looks. They believe in empowering individuals to explore their creativity and unleash their inner beauty through the art of makeup. Sparkle with Multidimensional Brilliance. Cosibella: Supplier i distributor Unleashia - Wholesale Purchasing Process We offer a streamlined wholesale purchasing process tailored to businesses interested in our products. To initiate a wholesale order, clients must create an account on our platform. The minimum order amount is 500 EUR, allowing you to curate a diverse inventory that meets the demands of your customers. Fast Order Processing and Shipping We prioritize efficient order processing, aiming to dispatch orders within 72 hours. Our dedicated team works diligently to ensure prompt delivery, allowing you to receive your Unleashia products swiftly. Delivery Across Europe We provide delivery services across Europe, extending our reach to countries beyond the European Union as well. Our commitment is to connect with businesses in more remote locations, ensuring that our products are easily accessible to a diverse range of customers. Customer comfort is the most important thing for us. Exclusive for Registered Companies Wholesale purchasing options are exclusively available to registered companies. While an active VIES number is not mandatory, we require all registered companies to have an account on our website. This ensures that our products are distributed to professional entities rather than individual consumers.