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Our own brand co-created by Cosibella cosmetologists who, through their work with clients, know their skin needs inside out. Product formulas are not gender or age-specific, but focused on a specific skin problem and multi-directional action. With our products, it is possible to achieve office effects in home care. We are steadily gaining fans who have come to love our cosmetics and enjoy their effects on the skin every day.

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SkinTra is a brand created by Cosibella for people who consciously care for their skin. SkinTra introduced well-thought-out formulas that precisely meet clients' needs. SkinTra products allow to achieve effects at home similar to a beauty salon treatments. Minimalist composition. Maximum effects. SkinTra recipes have been developed in cooperation with cosmetic chemists and cosmetologists. We create them according to the principle ""less is more"". They contain only those ingredients that are really necessary. Without exaggeration. They are rich in concentrated active ingredients. It is a guarantee of intensive care. They are multifunctional - one preparation can replace several others. This helps save time and money. They are available at a friendly price - without overpaying. They focus on specific skin problems.