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Welcome to CELIMAX, where the secrets of Korean skincare meet the power of nature. Our high-quality, nature-inspired skincare products harness the benefits of natural ingredients to provide effective and gentle solutions for your skin. From cleansers to serums, CELIMAX offers innovative formulations that nourish, hydrate, and revitalize your complexion. Trust CELIMAX for transformative results backed by the best of Korean skincare.

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Wholesale Celimax We are proud to introduce Celimax, a Korean brand specializing in high-quality skin care products. This brand cares about the selection of active ingredients and follows a strict rule: "If it doesn't benefit your skin, it doesn't make it into our formulas." It believes that effective ingredients, not luxurious packaging, are the key to achieving the desired results. Wholesale Purchase Celimax Process and Extensive Delivery Reach For businesses interested in wholesale purchase of Celimax products, we provide a streamlined and convenient process. Our advanced online platform enables easy order creation and placement, saving you time and effort. Please note that the minimum order amount for wholesale purchase is €500. Once your order is placed, we prioritize efficient processing and aim to have it prepared and shipped within 72 hours, ensuring prompt delivery. We take pride in our extensive shipping capabilities that span across Europe, including countries beyond the European Union. We aim to provide flexibility and convenience in delivery options, ensuring that our exceptional skincare products are accessible to businesses in various regions. Exclusively for Registered Companies Wholesale purchasing options are exclusively available to registered companies. To access our wholesale program, businesses are required to have an active account on our website. This ensures that our products are delivered to professional buyers who appreciate the value of Celimax skincare solutions. Whether or not you have an active VIES number, we welcome your business and strive to accommodate your needs. We invite registered companies to explore the benefits of partnering with us as a Celimax supplier and distributor. By joining our wholesale network, you gain access to high-quality skincare products that meet the demands of your customers. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and building long-lasting partnerships with our wholesale clients.